Personal Activity Log (aka Diary Sheet)

A Personal Activity Log is a paper or computer record of the time spent on different activities during a given day. The review of these times and their pattern can be used as a basis for process analysis, job evaluation or time management.

The Personal Activity Log can be used to record the time of day that each activity begins and ends. Alternatively it can be used to sample the activities, by recording what you are doing at regular intervals (say, every quarter hour). The process is simplified by representing activities as alphanumeric codes (having compiled an activity list) and by also using a template of the following general type:

Hour beginning Activities carried out
8:00 a.m.
9:00 a.m.

Additional columns can be added to record other relevant associated information, such as units processed, interruptions, number of customers etc. The log can be maintained long enough to be broadly representative of the individual's cycle of activities. The activity pattern established by the log can then be modified to accommodate estimates of less frequent events.

The simplicity and negligible cost of the Personal Activity Log belie its value. Its modest addition to the normal daily routines is generally a small price to pay for its inherent completeness and credibility.

Default design for a Personal Activity Log - This is an .rtf file.

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