“A Japanese worker produces, on average, twenty seven improvement ideas a year. A US worker produces one idea every thirty seven years” - SUNDAY TIMES

Empowerment can be summed up by this reflection:

An empowered organisation is characterised by:

The difference between delight and disappointment can be very fine.


A woman rang a department store to ask the weight of a parcel requiring collection, because she was pregnant. The person dealing with the enquiry immediately offered to have the parcel delivered ................... resulting in a delighted customer.

Clearly evidence of an empowered employee.

Empowering managers:

Empowerment in an organisation can be assessed typically by an Employee Attitude Survey relating employee perception against some pre-defined characteristics of an empowered organisation.

How will you know if you are succeeding in your efforts to introduce empowerment?

Here are some indicators of success & failure:



Empowerment: “You can’t give it, people have to want it”

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