Leadership Charters


Leadership and management of people is complex. It is not a question of being a good leader or an effective manager. In most organisations it is appropriate for all persons in a position of responsibility to exercise good leadership and to be an effective Manager.

Modern organisations often issue guidance on leadership to employees in a 'Leadership Charter'; such a 'charter' is often the bi-product of an 'excellence' review via the Business Excellence Model (BEM) or EFQM - the European Foundation for Quality Management framework, or some equivalent methodology.

A well led organisation is characterised by:

The difference between delight and disappointment can be very fine.


A woman rang a department store to ask the weight of a parcel requiring collection, because she was pregnant. The person dealing with the enquiry immediately offered to have the parcel delivered ................... resulting in a delighted customer.

Clearly evidence of an empowered employee, demonstrating good leadership of the employee.

The significance of organisation culture in leadership:

Good Leaders:

Leadership - Key responsibilities:

Leading by example of behaviour, commitment, direction setting and inspiring people to believe they can make a difference. How will you know if you are succeeding in your efforts to lead? People will follow by volition not by order.

Leadership - being a Leader:

Leadership - Leading your Team - create an environment in which:

Here are some indicators of failure:

You have failed if:


You need to give it because your people need it

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